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Learn2Type is the best online free typing site. You can take FREE online typing tests and 10 key tests, and learn to type!
Typing. A word that means so much in todays technological world. Computers are everywhere, and communicating with computers is an absolute requirement for anyone outside the Amish way of life.

Many computer users are afraid of the keyboard. Terrified that they will not be able to learn to type. And so, many don't even bother trying to learn. But it is reasonably easy to learn typing, at almost any age between 5 and 105.

Traditional typing drills were terrible. Even today, many so called typing tutor software packages simply throw that old repetitive drill nonsense onto a pretty disk or website with dancing animated critters, and expect people to pay for it.

Nay. Fear not. Pay not. Learn2Type.com is the leading FREE website that offers a new way to learn typing. The ingenious and revolutionary typing class is served directly into your browser, which means it will work on ANY computer on this planet (and possibly on Mars) without requiring any downloads or software installations! All you need is an Internet browser (which, obviously you have, since you are reading this) and an Internet connection (again, unless tinfoil wrapped around one's head can pick up WiFi, you probably need an Internet connection).

An online typing test allows you quickly see exactly what your typing speed is. Then, simply register for the free typing lessons and before you know it, your Facebook status updates will be flashing across your friend's screens faster than they can respond with inane comments to each update. Begin your typing journey ...

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